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Today’s SCOTUS Ruling on California’s Prop. 8 is NOT About Gay Marrage

Miss_Liberty_at_War1Actual SCOTUS Ruling issued Today

As the San Francisco Castro District enters into party mode celebrating today’s ruling as a validation of the constitutionality of same sex marriage, this claim could not be farther from the truth. Today’s ruling has much more far reaching effects, than anyone realizes. The ruling has the potential to impact, even the celebrators, in ways they could have never imagined.

The result of this ruling in a nutshell, states that “The People”, in this case, grass roots activist and 52% of voters, that passed a constitutional amendment, have no right to stand for it in appeal of a challenge when the government mandated by the vote of the people refuses to stand up for the process.

This is a far reaching decision that will very likely come back to haunt the American and California voters in the future.

Voting on a constitutional amendment has always been the standard in our history as the people’s power to stand up and change government standards. It is the last democratic right of the people to change the basis of governing in our republic. If the people themselves have no right to stand in defense at the SCOTUS level of our check and balance system, then, our last democratic right to effect change on a government that is going against the popular vote of the people is no longer valid. Many will say that this represents tyranny as the founder of our country fought and died for.

I am not saying that an amendment such as California’s Prop 8 would  still pass if it was voted on today, but I am saying that whatever constitutional amendment voted on by the people and passed in the future now has the same limitations if the Government of the people refuse to stand for the people who voted for it. Please people after you are done celebrating the victory, lets please stand together and change this loss of liberty and democracy for all of the American people. Our ability to democratically change our government and stand for our vote as a people must be upheld for all.

Caribbean Nation Gets an International Go-Ahead to Break U.S. Copyright Laws

Map of Antigua showing the parishes

Map of Antigua showing the parishes

“The United States has urged Antigua to consider solutions that would benefit its broader economy. However, Antigua has repeatedly stymied these negotiations with certain unrealistic demands,” Nkenge Harmon, a spokeswoman for the US Trade Representative’s office, said.

The strong statement came after Antigua said it would suspend US copyrights and patents, an unusual form of retaliation, unless the United States took its demands for compensation more seriously in a ruling Antigua won at the World Trade Organization.

“The economy of Antigua and Barbuda has been devastated by the United States government’s long campaign to prevent American consumers from gambling on-line with offshore gaming operators,” Antigua’s Finance Minister Harold Lovell said in a statement.

“We once again ask … the United States of America to act in accordance with the WTO’s decisions in this matter.”

Antigua, a former British colony with few natural resources, has knocked heads with the United States since the late 1990s, when it began building an Internet gambling industry to replace jobs in its declining tourist industry.

The gambling sector at its height employed more than 4000 people and was worth more than US$3.4 billion to the country’s economy, but it has shrunk to less than 500 people because of US restrictions, the Antiguan government says.

The United States said it never intended as part of its WTO commitments to allow foreign companies to offer online gambling services. In 2007, it began a formal WTO procedure to withdraw the gambling concession and reached a compensation package with all WTO members, except Antigua.

Antigua argued in a case first brought to the WTO in 2003 that US laws barring the placing of bets across states lines by electronic means violated global trade rules.

It won a partial victory in 2005 when the WTO ruled a US law allowing only domestic companies to provide online horse-race gambling services discriminated against foreign companies.

When the United States failed to change the law, the WTO in 2007 gave Antigua the right to retaliate by waiving intellectual property rights protections on some US$21 million worth of US goods annually, which was far less than the US$3.44 billion the island country requested.

Typically, the WTO authorizes countries to retaliate by raising tariffs, but in Antigua’s case it decided the country was too small for that to be an effective tool to persuade the United States to change its law.

Harmon said Antigua would be unwise to proceed with the plan “to authorize the theft of intellectual property.”

“Government-authorized piracy would undermine chances for a settlement. It also would serve as a major impediment to foreign investment in the Antiguan economy, particularly in high-tech industries,” he said.

But Antiguan officials said the United States had “more or less ignored” all of their proposals for resolving the spat.

– Reuters

Native name: Wadadli
Location Caribbean Sea
Coordinates 17°5′N 61°48′WCoordinates: 17°5′N 61°48′W
Archipelago Leeward Islands
Area 281 km2 (108.5 sq mi)
Coastline 87 km (54.1 mi)
Highest elevation 402 m (1,319 ft)
Highest point Mount Obama / Boggy Peak
Antigua and Barbuda
Largest city St. John’s (pop. 31,000)
Population 80,161 (as of 2011 Census)
Density 285.2 /km2 (738.7 /sq mi)
Ethnic groups 91% Black or Mulatto, 4.4% Other Mixed Race, 1.7% White, 2.9% Other


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