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My name on the internet is birdpuk and I am also known as Doug Knowles by many.  I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and am currently living in Eastern Contra Costa County. I graduated from Ygnacio Valley High School in 1977.  My Careers, have included the Meat Industry and the Computer Industry. I have also Owned a Bird Store and breed Exotic Birds, mainly Parrots and Cockatoos. I am currently single and have a teenage Boy and Girl.  I am between jobs at this time, but always looking for a new adventure.  I, like most people, have a personal perspective on Life and many other issues and passions. I like to think out loud and it sometimes gets me into a pickle. That is where this Blog will come in… Hopefully it will be my friend and keep me out of the pickles. But if all else fails I can allways edit or delete my troublesome rambling

As you can tell from the pictures here as well as my internet handle, I love my Birds very much.  I currently share

Hanging with my bud.

my home with 4 Macaws (Lucy, Cali, Ruby and Peaches), 2 African Grey Parrots (Deja and Paradox) , 2 Rose Breasted Cockatoos (Ausi and Crow) and my very own bottle opener (Jerry ) the Greater Sulfur Crested Cockatoo.

Birds may rule the roost but they also share it with Coda(rottie/lab), Ginger (sheltie), Pepper (tiny black mix), Salt (Fox Terrier) and Cinibon (Orange Tabby).  As you can see I can never claim to be living by self in this house..

I am a die hard San Francisco Giants fan and like the Forty Niners Just about as much as is possible for a Baseball fan. I wish football  would wait until Baseball ends and then I could be die hard both.

Politically, I have found, that I can no-longer call myself a Democrat nor a Republican, but definitely lean to the conservative side of most issues today. I am a Union Member and support organized labor in many industries and that is probably a good topic category for discussion on the site at a later time.  I have been both the Company and the Worker, so I feel I have a unique perspective on that subject.  Particularly after going on strike recently as a Raleys Meat Cutter.

I am a Application Developer both professionaly and in my spare time. I have served the community as a Police Commission Member and Neighborhood  Watch Coordinator.

I am not a teacher but I love to teach!  I believe the best way to learn more is to share what you learned and to ask the right questions.  I mentioned earlier that I think  out loud and as such you will often, perhaps, think I am making a statement, when in reality, I am probably asking a question.  Opinions are formed and most people stop considering what they are after they are formed. this I what I call a closed mind.  If you have an Opinion you should be willing to discuss it and consider the arguments for both sides or maybe it’s just better left to your self and not shared.

Thanks for coming by and I hope you find interesting things while you are here and please feel free to share your comments and ask questions.  I only ask that you be polite and treat others with the same respect that you would in a discussion with your children. After all an Adult is only a child with experience under their belt.

Doug Knowles

aka birdpuk

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