No Mask Nevada or Replace Greg Hafen?

I was shocked this morning when I received this email from No Mask Nevada PAC. I like most Nye County residents have been staunch supporters of this organization and it’s events, especially here in Pahrump. What does replacing Gregory Hafen, have to do with fighting the unconstitutional mask mandate?

I contacted Melissa Blundo, Chairman of the organization to find out more. Melissa Blundo referred me to Ian Bayne, Vice Chair. Apparently this was done by him and she is busy trying to put the fires out. I reached out to Ian Bayne by phone and was unable to get a hold of him.

I have never met Ian. I had only heard his name a couple of times. I asked where he resided and was told Rhodes Ranch which is off Fort Apache between Warm Springs and Blue Diamond. Not even close to. let alone in, State Assembly District 36.

Apparently he is a campaign strategist, and handled the last campaign for Nye County District Attorney Chris Aribia.

I do not agree with Ian on his stance towards Greg Hafen. Normally, I would not even care how he felt, after all, he is not even a constituent of District 36. What makes this an issue to me is that he is using an organization focused on a cause I support strongly like many others who are Greg’s constituents.

At first, I thought well perhaps it is a one-time thing, as it referenced a different website,, and was a single email blast. That was very quickly shown not to be the case. When I clicked the link, it took me to

The next question that comes to mind, then becomes, is this being paid for by the No Mask Nevada PAC? It would appear that email and website resources at the very least.

Mr Bayne, if you want folks in State Assembly District 36 to support your PAC and it’s stated causes you may want to seriously consider removing this from PAC’s website.